We are advocates of “ECFoL (Equine Centered Form of Life)” – a concept that expands to the field of education, therapy and management through livinghood revolving around horses.In ECFoL, we believe that ‘livinghood with horses’ has the power to heal and encourage growth.


Through promoting ECFoL, we aim to create a society where one does not need to feel the difficulty to live. In order to achieve this mission, we develop programs and activities related to corporate management, education and therapy that practice this concept and method.


ECFoL management innovatively transforms how companies operate and how its employees work and live. We do this through creating new businesses together with corporate training programs and corporate consultants. (Corporate training program, regional development support, corporate consultant, etc.)


With the advent of the Internet, the world has entered a completely different dimension. However, education is still dominated by techniques and theories developed in the 19th century, and deprives the opportunity for young people to acquire the necessary power to thrive in this new paradigm.
Education and research that is based on the idea of ECFoL, will create a new learning system that is inclusive and acessible to many people. (Alternative Schools)


ECFoL Therapy is an integrated form of medical, welfare and education. This activity target ranges widely from children to the elderly, and results in clear effects as well as improve their quality of life. (Child daycare services, elderly daycare services, rehabilitation, employment support facilities, nursing homes, etc.)

About ECFoL

ECFoL takes its name from the first English letters of “Equine Centered Form of Life”. This is a concept that includes education, therapy, and management that evolves from livinghood that revolve around horses.

Our curriculum allows everyone to learn the different perspectives between people and horses, and attain the skills to create a streamlined organization, manage it, and lead it.

These are things that cannot be attained by animal therapy of other animals. It can only be learned in equine therapy. The main purpose of the establishment of the organization is to promote the various methods, effects and research contents of equine therapy that have not yet been widely recognized in Japan. We also hope to provide qualification schemes for facilitators that run ECFoL programs (scheduled in the fal. of 2019).

About General Incorporated Association ECFoL

What we Offer

Research, publication and presentation related to ECFoL (eg. holding symposiums)
ECFoL Facilitator certification etc

The ECFoL Constitution

  • We will not kill horses
  • We put learning through ‘Li (礼)’ at the basis of our management
  • We value our form of life
  • We aim for a life where discrimination is not neccessary
  • We do not build our own happiness on top of other’s unhappiness